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International Biotech CRO Services

Genomics services:

Sanger's and NGS genomic sequencing technology: Sample requirement DNA RNA or whole virus and bacteria and fresh leaves for plant and blood sample for the human genome. 


ATG1. Viral whole-genome sequencing 

ATG2. Bacterial whole-genome sequencing

ATG3. Plant whole-genome sequencing

ATG4. Human whole-genome sequencing 

ATG5. Viral Strain Determination

ATG6. Viral Genotypes and Serotypes

ATG7. Viral immune response studies before and after vaccination 

ATG8. Cross-reactivity studies: In vitro and in silico.

ATG9. 16S rRNA based bacterial identification service

ATG10. ITS2 based DNA testing of plant, insects

ATG11. Plant DNA barcoding: ITS1, ITS2,MatK, rbcl. etc. 

Proteomics Services:


ATP1. Liquid Chromatography Mass Spec (LCMS)

ATP2. Nano Liquid Chromatography (NLC)

ATP3. Gas Chromatography (GC)

ATP4. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spec (NMR)

ATP5. Single Crystal XRD

ATP6. Thermophoresis

ATP7. Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy 

ATP8. Electron Dispersion Spectroscopy

ATP9. Confocal Microscopy

ATP10. Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spec

Bioinformatics Services:


ATB:1 16S rRNA Phylogeny from raw sequences

ATB2: ITS2 region from Eukaryotes for phylogeny

ATB:3 NCBI Database publication from FASTA sequence 

ATB:4 NCBI Database publication from FASTAQ sequence 

ATB5: Complete Gene assembly from Sangers sequencing raw data 

ATB6: Microbial NGS sequence data assembly, annotation, publication 

ATB7: Thalassemia and Sickle cell anemia genetic modifiers studies 

ATB8: SNP based data analysis of viral variants 

ATB9: Mycobacterial tuberculosis drug resistance, MDR and XDR. 

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