Under Dr. Devendra Lingojwar's visionary idea of 

 "Biotech Skill India"

ADEETECH is providing students and faculty development programs 

1. Academic Training Programs

2. Final Year Projects New Project in Virology

3. Onsite Workshops

4. Ph.D. guidance

5. Faculty Development 

under Biotech Skill India Consortia project, an idea envisioned by Dr. Devendra Lingojwar for the first time in India. 

For PCR (ADEETECH's partnering company 1)

For Cell and Tissue Culture (ADEETECH's partnering company 2)

For Plant Tissue Culture (ADEETECH's partnering company 3)

For Real-Time PCR (ADEETECH's partnering company  4)

For FACS (ADEETECH partnering company 5)

For Fermentation Technology (ADEETECH partnering company 6)

For Bioinformatics ADEETECH partnering company 7)

And many more in INDIA, USA and Western World 

Embryonic Stem Cells