Under Dr. Devendra Lingojwar's visionary idea of 

 "Biotech Skill India"

ADEETECH is providing wet lab facilities for students and faculty development programs in Biotechnology since 2007. 

1. Academic Training Programs

2. Final Year Projects 

3. Onsite Workshops 

4. Ph.D. guidance (Virology, Genetics, Genomics)

5. Faculty Development 

Under Biotech Skill India program, an idea envisioned by Dr. Devendra Lingojwar for the first time in India, we are conducting various programs in Biotechnology since 2007. 

1. Human Genetics and Genomics

For more details of SCD, you can log on to www.sicklecelldiseaseindia.com

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD): Molecular Haplotyping, Genetic Modifiers BCL11A, Fetal Hemoglobin, Biochemical, Molecular, Virological markers for pathophysiology, Omega 3 fatty acid and other antioxidant and anti-inflammatory therapies, Prenatal diagnosis. Field work based epidemiology studies in India. 

Other genetic disorders: Thalassemia, G6PD Deficiency etc. 

2. Virology and Bioinformatics

Virology: Human Parvovirus B19: Prevalence and pathogenesis in India in Sickle Cell Disease in India. 

Bioinformatics:  Basic and Applied Bioinformatics and its use in Applied Bioinformatics in Virology, Present comparative genomics of COVID19 and SARS2 viruses variants. 

3. Molecular Diagnostics

PCR and RTPCR based diagnostics: Assay development for molecular diagnostics for any samples containing DNA and RNA.

4. Molecular Microbiology 

Molecular Taxonomy: 16S rRNA based molecular identification of bacteria.

Climate Change and Bioenergetics: ATP Synthase, Cytochrome C and other sources of green and sustainable energy (for SDG 13 climate action).

5. Plant Molecular Biology 

DNA barcoding: Molecular identification of plants using ITS1, ITS2, rbcl, matK, and other single gene markers. 

Classical markers: Plant RAPD, Genus, species and variety specific molecular markers. 

Plant Sex Determination: Male and female specific DNA markers for plant sex determination at juvenile or seedling stages. 

6. Molecular Entomology

DNA barcoding: Molecular identification of insects using ITS2 and other single gene markers.

For more information feel free to contact us on info@adeetech.com

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