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ADEETECH's Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Lab Based Test for Sickle Cell Anaemia  
1. Man 2. Machine 3. Technology 4. Reagent  
Cellulose Acetate Membrane Electrophoresis $2
/- per test

* Hemoglobin * Isoenzyme *Serum Proteins

We also provide other Sickle Cell Disease Screening and Confirmatory Tests

ADEETECH's Sickle Cell Confirmatory Test: Electrophoresis  

ADEETECH's Sickle Cell Confirmatory Test: HPLC  

ADEETECH's Sickle Cell Solubility Screening Test 

ADEETECH's Thalassemia NESTROFT Screening Test 

ADEETECH's Sickle Thal Twin Pack Screening Test 

ADEETECH's G6PD Deficiency test 

ADEETECH's Sickle Cell PCR Test 

ADEETECH's Sickle Cell New Born Screening Test  

ADEETECH's Alpha Thalassemia Test 

ADEETECH's Beta Thalassemia Test 

ADEETECH's Fetal Hemoglobin estimation test

ADEETECH's BCL11A mutation studies 

ADEETECH's SCD Genetic Modifier studies 

ADEETECH's SCD Molecular Haplotying  Mini Panel 1

ADEETECH's SCD Molecular Haplotying  Midi Panel 2 

ADEETECH's SCD Molecular Haplotyping  Maxi Panel  3

For more information on sickle cell Disease research activities 

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