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ADEETECH is a leading Biotechnology Laboratory based service provider in Molecular Biology as well as work as a Technical Consultancy Service provider. We deal with projects in Molecular Virology, Human Genetics and Genomics, Products and services in Diagnostic and Therapeutics, We also provide Academic Research services from degree to PhD and study abroad technical mentorship. 

We provide BSL2 lab services for adventitious agent testing. Swine, Duck, Chicken, Horse etc.

Virology and genetics related services in Diagnostics and therapeutics: 
1. Clinical Trials: Central Lab Services including training, Logistics to data delivery to CRO and Sponsors.
2. Diagnostic: 2a. Kit development technical support 2b. Real-Time PCR BSL2 lab set up with troubleshooting and guidance.
3. Innovative Product Development 
4. Regulatory Affairs Documentation 
5. Vaccine Immune Response Study for general population 
6. Home based testing Technical Advise B2B services.

Specific area of our inhouse research projects are Sickle cell disease, Thalassemia, single gene disorders, in human genetics and genomics.

Apart from that we deal with DNA barcoding for plant, bacteria, insect and projects on virology and bioinformatics. 

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