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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials: As Central Lab for CRO and Sponsors, Logistics, Sample Shipment, Storage, Transport, CRC Training, Troubleshooting in Clinical Trials.

Turn around time: Phase II and Phase III varies from sponsor to sponsor based on regulatory permission.

Drug Discovery 

Drug Discovery: Antiviral and Antibacterial testing against model viruses and bacteria.

For COVID19 proof of concept and preclinical studies Live COVID19 virus from Patients sample, Tissue culture adapted strains, Model viruses 229E, NL63, Beta Coronavirus, and many more FDA approved models 

Turn around time: 1 to 2 months,

Animal Studies

Animal Studies and toxicity data: Inhalation and skin allergies, Dose-response studies,

Routes of Exposure: Gavage, skin, inhalation, oral, parentaral, IV, IM, ID 

Turn around time: 1 to 2 months

Prescription Drugs
Therapeutics: About Us
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