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Diagnostics and Therapeutics, kits and vaccines, antivirals, antibiotics, raw materials

Pharma and Biopharma products, Diagnostics and therapeutic products, Biosimilars, Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API) formulations, and bulk drugs, diagnostics raw materials, kits and kits assembly for manufacturing


COVID19 Pandemic posed an unseen problem to humanity in 2019.  Due to modern technologies, RTPCR  solved diagnostics problems and now preventive vaccines are in phase III and some are ready to vaccinate. In developing countries, where roads are not good and electricity is a problem, vaccinating to the last person with safe handling, transport and storage is a prerequisite for a successful vaccination drive. ADEETECH is providing technical and shipment, logistics, storage solutions from tier I to Tier IV cities in India through our logistic partner. ICEL Global

Virus Studies
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