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Career Development in Biotech, PCR based Diagnostics

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

My thoughts are based on overall experience I gathered since two decades of my experience in teaching and research at various places in India and USA, during which I trained few staff and more than 900 students under training in PCR genomics, both in-house training as well as on campus workshops in genomics based diagnostics. All were trained in wet lab biotech services we provided to students and faculties. Most of them are really doing good in research career. It is interesting to understand how they made their career in Biotech ?  Most of them said that their presence in my lab was instrumental and was highly supportive in getting selected for job or in research career. Although they said it, nobody really place particular student in any company or in R&Ds. It's his or her own battle, all we can including guide and Mentor of the fìnal year projects, trainers of summer training programs, college teachers, HOD, Principal, parents etc.) just contribute partially and push them forward to win that battle. If you get a promise of 100% job placement,  by either online placement agencies or IT based companies who makes fraudulent claims. Job seeker should try to go deeper to understand whether its reality or fraud.  Many online recruitment companies promise about many applications per months if you pay required fees, try to understand catch behind it. For so many job applications, that many relevant jobs should exist there to apply  which suits your CV !!!  Some job portals may ask you money for preparing your CV. Some companies claim they have some undisclosed vacancies (?). Try to call HR of that companies and confirm whether those vacancies are really exists. They will advise you not to pay any amount to any third party or online job agencies for filling up vacancies in their company.  So, don't get trapped under these hands. Ask your teachers, parents, friends and seniors how they got the job and how they made their career. There is no other alternate option than to get trained in particular domain of Biotech in which you wants to make your career, before you enter into the job market. Getting selected after final interview depends on many aspects, your CV, overall candidature and its perfect match with the job profile, mainly your expertise and experience in that particular domain area in Biotech. How you perform in the written test, if any ? presentation in the interview and some luck or destiny, because many things which are not in our control is governed by these factor. These factors includes, regional and language affection of selection committee, caste-ism as well as many others factors which are complimentary to each other in publaic sector jobs. Might be that position is already fixed internally as this is hidden trend of old traditional labs. Frequently, interview committee conducts interview to show that they are following the Government protocol. And so on....!!!  We never say we make placement, however most of our trained students and faculties says that they have developed their skill set and explored their knowledge in these specific areas under my guidance and they said that my guidance and hands on skill development were instrumental for  their career.  Biotechnology is not like IT ( where, most of the business is US economy based and IT professionals get converted salary in Rupees from US dollar), where you can get good salary once you get the job at entry level. Even if you are highly interested to do science and have experience in the specific domain in Biotech entry level jobs in biotech cannot be compared with IT related jobs.  Those who are well established and take your interview, don't want to continue legacy of their research and don't want to produce next generation scientist. If you are serious about making career in Biotech, my best suggestion is to quit India at least for some time for MS or PhD or Post Doc preferably in USA, UK or in European countries and then you will see, you are opening doors of new opportunities in the world of Biotech. If you stay abroad, your thought process will change. And from there a new journey of research will start. My students who are doing very well in their field are ready to help you once you get certification from us, a kind letter to help you. You can interact with these students and faculties from my group's friend community on facebook or write us for further queries. Stay in touch........Best Wishes.......!!!

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